SacredRite Retreat

Rites + Rituals In Faith of Young Adults

Rites of Passage and Ritual Processes are crucial elements of our faith experience and personal pilgrimages. There is a personal intimacy with God in these experiences and cultures throughout time have utilized rites and rituals to mark critical places in a lifetime as well as creating a sense of personal accountability to self and community in the process. 

In the western world we have lost much of our rite and ritual experience, but in the Episcopal tradition there are a number that still exist including : Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, and Matrimony.

That said, there is a void in rite and ritual process in what, for many, in the critical and often crisis-point of faith in their lifeline--the ages between 18 and 39-ish. 

Young adults have relayed that they feel a loss in their connection to faith and faith institutions in this age range due, in part, to the loss of any ritual and rite of passage to work towards--there is no map to the next "place" to go on our faith journeys.

This Community would love to re-energize the RITES and RITUALS experience into our future of YOUNG ADULT PROGRAMMING. 

"The Sacred Rite Retreats" are spiritual retreat experiences during which participants are able to explore their own spiritual journey in the context of their life, their personal gifts and skills, and the world around them. All spiritual traditions around the globe and throughout history include these kind of rituals at different stages of life to be able to reflect on the past, immerse in the present, and help plan forward into the next stage of life in the future. Native cultures and all varieties of indigenous and eastern faiths have a beautiful array of "rites of passage" imbedded in their culture. In the Christian history, those who entered into particular monastic orders created similar periods of retreat and reflection and still do the world over.

We have created a model of retreat, reflection, and a rite of passage for persons in their 20's + 30's. We feel there is a need for this kind of experience within the Christian tradition and formation process. We hope that you find a flicker of something you are looking for here and will join us in our summer retreat experience to explore your own faith path and personal life pilgrimage. 


Friday night, May 31st, 2013
Sunday morning, June 2nd, 2013
 at The Duncan Center.