Our Young Adult Ministry + Community for the Diocese of Southeast Florida is just getting its footing and we are working to reach as many of our fellow Young Adults as possible!

Our Community of Young Adults in Southeast Florida is/will be:

  • Participating in MEET-UPS in various locations throughout Southeast Florida. We will rotate around to be able to meet and meet-up in a variety of the communities within the Diocese where fellow young adults live and work and pray. We will meet at a restaurant or church for fellowship and fun! 
  • We also plan on also participating in community service projects in various regions allowing for additional time for our community to get together + be able to GIVE BACK at the same time.  
  • We will be trying to coordinate with motivated YOUNG ADULTS, like ourselves, in each area of the Diocese in an attempt to help the young people begin programming for themselves, and in collaboration with parish clergy and lay leaders, to begin their own Young Adult Ministry programming. 
  • We want to help find ways to fit programs into locations and individual church communities--taking into account what each area and parish needs to build sustainable programming for young adults which can flourish. This will include suggestions for partnering with local congregations--especially in the early stages when individual congregations may have so few young people in their church.
  • We will be updating the community on goings-on within the Southeast Florida area so that we know what everyone is doing and support with attendance at events at other churches than our own when possible!

Above all, we are here to serve you and help in whatever way to bring your ministry and faith-experience, turning your congregational and Diocesan goals and dreams into action and reality!