Theologian Richard Rohr has spoke often about the idea of "aged wine in new wine skins" referencing the idea that we must grow, learn, and evolve to be understood and relevant in the age we live in. 

But, we do not "throw out the contents when we change the container" (another Rohrian statement). 

There is often a feeling of trepidation or skepticism about changing what was to something new. 

But, in the middle, holding the tension between the ancient and contemporary, can be a place where we can all exist--where we can keep the sacredness of tradition and ritual while also making our faith experience relevant to today's world. 

Walking this tightrope of faith is the mission of the Young Adult Community of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. 

We want tradition in the context of today.

We also want to find faith in our sacred spaces of worship, our daily lives in secular or religious arenas, and acted out in kindness, justice, and mercy for others (micah).

Our mission will become more formed and formal as we seek out what resonates with us as a body of faith and community of people which is, and will continue to be, as diverse and unique as it is similar. 

The age range of 18-39(ish) is one that is vast and from one end to the other can look like very different stages of life and various states of adulthood. 

We hope we can learn and grow together in faith, bringing what each of us have to offer in our own beautiful uniqueness and God-given gifts. 

Right now, our primary mission is to seek and find our way to a comprehensive vision as we seek out all who represent "young adult" in the larger communiities around us--sacred and secular. 

Welcome to our journey. We hope you become part of this sacred journey of discovery and community. Whether you are in the age cohort or passionate about the ministry for this age cohort we welcome you to visit this site and connect with us by email to say hello, and get linked up with our growing community.